Media: Acrylic On Canvas

Height: 183cm
Width: 91cm


The Celtic circle collection is inspired by the circles used in Celtic art. Celtic Artist George Bain described the circle as “mans first step in art”. The Celts were not the only culture to use circles and spirals. They were, however, one of the first to take primitive symbols and transform them into art. They went on to create intricate designs intertwined with circular shapes and spirals that were unique and beautiful. Early Celts most likely used these symbols to represent the sun and possibly such concepts as eternity and continuity. The Celtic Circle Collection explores the concept of a pared-back circle. A statement in simplicity without much adornment. An artistic representation of the circle in its fundamental form. Recently exhibited at the Warrandyte art show. Currently exhibited in a corporate setting through Colourspace.

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Listed on the National Registry of Australian Art and Artists

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